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5 Tips to Surviving the Holidays


There’s always that little bit of dread in the back of your mind before holiday season, right? The fear that you’ll gain some…that you’ll be disappointed and that come January, you’ll have a huge hurdle to overcome. It almost seems too daunting so you don’t even want to think about it. You convince yourself you’ll just enjoy the holidays and get on track in January.

Well, I’m sorry to be the blunt one here but the “holidays” are not 2 months long! The “holidays” are literally 2 DAYS. TWO DAYS. One is called Thanksgiving and one is called Christmas. The other days? They are just days in November and days in December.

So how can you stay on track for the holidays? It really is a simple mindset shift. Here’s 5 ways to conquer it.

  1. Remember it’s just ONE DAY. All the other days around it are business as usual. You have a goal…and one that is COMPLETELY possible to reach during the months of November and December.
  2. Treat those 2 days as if they are a reward for your work WELL DONE in those months. If you kick ass the other days…you EARNED that treat.
  3. Then go and enjoy your 2 DAYS GUILT FREE. That, my friends, is how it actually becomes guilt free. Because your conscience knows it wasn’t 2 months of bingeing. Because YOU know 2 days vs. 60 isn’t going to kill your mojo. (Now 60 days of bingeing? Yep…that would kill anyone’s mojo)
  4. Jump right back on track the next day. Remember, you are FOCUSED. You have a goal. You’re going to reach it. Back to business as usual.
  5. Mistakes don’t mean failure!!! Just because you may grab for a treat on a day outside of those two days does NOT mean you should chalk it up. Throwing away 60 days because of one treat does not make any sense. So you ate some more pie. Good for you…now make sure you’re back with your perfectly aligned macros in the morning.


YOU CAN DO THIS! Just remember these tips to stay on track, don’t feel guilty when you DO indulge on those two days. Your goals are within your reach…don’t let the holidays be the reason you lose grasp!

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