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All Natural Cold & Flu Capsules


It must have been when I started getting really sick frequently when I began researching herbal remedies. I had the flu and pneumonia simultaneously, which resulted in a hospital stay, a 2 week picc line, a blood clot, and shooting myself in the stomach with blood thinners. I got well…but then the picc line returned just a few months later because I got sick in my lungs all over again. It was like my body couldn’t catch up and be as healthy as it used to be.

I knew that the endless supply of extremely harsh antibiotics was keeping my pH in an acidic level, I knew that my gut was all jacked up from stripping even the good bacteria, and I knew that my immune system was weary. Just bone tired.




So in the way I do, I began researching. I bought books, I read articles online, I tried recipes for my own tinctures, salves and pill capsules…I tried herbal teas, I tried essential oils, I tried EVERYTHING. And in that time, I found MANY things that made me feel better. These Flu Capsules are just scratching the surface of my herbal medicine cabinet now…and I bet after trying them you keep them on hand during flu season as well.




Here’s how to make them:


Place the herbal mixture into capsules and take 1 capsules every 3-4 hours until flu symptoms are relieved. (For a great capsule filler check out Bulk Herb Store) These capsules will lessen the severity of colds and flu, as well as the length. There is no antibiotic that attacks the flu, because it is a virus. While science my not have a remedy…nature does.

Mix together 1 tablespoon of each (in the blender or *clean coffee grinder):


Yarrow: This herb contains salicylic acid derivatives, which is the ingredient in aspirin that reduces pain and discomfort, and lowers fevers. It also contains azulene and other compounds that fight inflammation and infections and is a great antiseptic.

Elder Flowers: Elder flowers are in this recipe because they stimulate the secretion of the sweat glands…which in turn reduces fevers.

Boneset: Boneset is a natural muscle relaxant and also induces sweating to bring down fevers. It is generally a great tonic for the entire body and has a cleansing and detoxing effect on the body’s organs.

Verbena: Verbena settles the stomach and acts as a tonic for the intestines and digestive system. It also has sedative properties so it will help you relax and sleep, as well as bring down fever.

Peppermint: Peppermint is widely known to treat nausea, but it also promotes digestion and aids the other herbs in their fight against the flu.

Valerian: This foul smelling herb is a well known sedative. It can be used as a relaxant to help you get the rest you need, but it also helps stimulate the kidneys to rid the body of toxins.

Horehound: This one is great for CFers like me. This herb has the ability to remove mucus from the bronchial system. It also has compounds that stick to the toxins to remove them from the system.


You can drink these herbs together as a tea, but I’m warning you. That valerian smells BAD. Kind of like dirty feet. That’s why it’s ideal to grind the herbs together and pack them into vegetable capsules and take them with plenty of water. To get all of the herbs listed for the Flu Capsules, visit Bulk Herb Store and also get the capsules and a really cool device that will help you to pack your herbs into the pills.


I can’t wait to hear how the Flu Capsules work for you and your family this flu season!


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