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Deep Yoga Stretches: Leg Sequence

There’s days when you need good, deep yoga stretches to recover those tired and tight muscles.


Well, this 10 minute yoga workout will target those sore legs, hamstrings and glutes. Just what you need after a killer leg day.

It’s a Yoga Workout that I took straight from the ROCKIN’ BODY Society, where we included the workout as Day 15 of the current 30 Day Challenge.

This yoga stretch sequence is one that my challengers LOVED. (You could almost hear the groans when those sore hammies got stretched out!)


Follow along with the video and print the yoga poses out here at this link so that you can always have them!



Many of us suffer from tight hips and hamstrings. And the thing is if we keep our muscles this tight without working on our flexibility, this will cause injury in our workouts!

Hips, hip flexors, hamstrings, IT bands: these are all the areas where most people suffer. And- they are parts of our bodies that are holding us up and helping us move!

So we NEED these yoga stretches.


We should be adding at least 2 yoga workouts a week to our workout plan so that we can decrease our soreness, increase flexibility and also prevent our injury.


Use this yoga sequence to stretch out those sore leg muscles and be sure to print out the yoga poses here at this link!

It’s free! You can’t beat that.


And if you’re ready to take your training to the next level, and seriously sculpt your body in the way you’ve always dreamed of, grab your spot in the ROCKIN’ BODY Society and let me show you what to do to reach your body goal, and how to get there.

Deep Yoga Stretches

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