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Did You Drink A Sh*t Ton of Green Beer??

Good for you.

Now get back on track.


green beer


The funniest thing about America is how we can literally make a holiday out of EVERYTHING. And what does that holiday include?? Rich, fatty food…alcoholic beverages until our guts bust…and an entire weekend/week spent making excuses about not being able to take care of ourselves that week.




And every holiday is not a week long. Now, am I saying you simply CANNOT enjoy those special times with your family? That you can’t eat what everyone else is eating because you are on a diet???? UGH. ICK. NO. That’s not at all where I’m coming from.


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.34.10 PM

Let me tell you a little about my AMAZING family. For us, food is GIVING. Food is togetherness. We cook to make someone else feel good, and we do a damn good job if I do say so myself. If there were “past lives” I’d swear my dad and I were both chefs. ESPECIALLY on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we LOVE to cook some incredibly tasty, intricate meal that makes everyone so happy they go and pass out on the couch. In fact, for Christmas, because we don’t want a repeat of Thanksgiving, we cook something from a different culture every single year. Sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not. We’ve had Hawaiian, with pulled pork and banana leaves. We’ve had Cajun Jumbalaya…British Prime Rib and mint jelly. Italian Lasagna. Pad Thai. I love every second of Christmas dinner.

Ah, but there you go. It’s just Christmas DINNER. It’s not Christmas week, 7 days, at least 3 meals…in my case 5…making that a grand total of 35 cheat meals that week. Nope, it’s just one. And that one is WORTH IT, let me tell you. And yes, my dad pairs wine like a sommelier, so I have my share of vino as well. These are not things to be ashamed of! But where the issue is, where it becomes a problem is when we start calling EVERY DAY A HOLIDAY.

So pull your big girl panties up. You ate/drank like a champ yesterday. I’m proud of you. Now drink that gallon of water and eat those egg whites and oatmeal and show your body that it should use your cheat as FUEL and not as a fat storage supplement. And hey…just think. Sometimes those cheat day abs are ON POINT. Go take a selfie. πŸ™‚

love and hugs. The green kind.

(If you really feel like you need help with WHAT to eat on non holidays, how to get healthy with food, or how to stick to a plan, check out my Meal Plan page and see if I can help.)

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