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Great Leg and Glute Workout

BOOTY DAY!  This leg and glute workout will definitely build those buns.


Watch the video for modifications and proper form.


3 Rounds of 60 Sec Each: (unless specified)


*Squat to Toe Raise- get low, then raise up on your toes

*Bulgarian Split Squat (30 sec each leg)- lift your back leg to the couch or a table

*Plyo Lunge- lunges with a jump to switch legs (modified would simply step)

*Squat Walk- get into squat position and walk forward and then back

*Walk Lunge w/ Kickback (30 reps each leg)- walk a line of lunges…and for every step, lift your back leg up (like a ballerina!)

*Glute Bridge Raise- lay down with knees bent, press with your feet and lift your hips, squeezing the glutes

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