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Inner Badass Key #3

We all could use a little good in our lives, right??

Well, if I can just share one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the more I do good for others- without expecting a single thing in return- the better I feel.

And that is why it is the 3rd KEY to bringing out your Inner Badass this year!





I’m talking about the smile stuff. The warm fuzzy stuff.

Open a door for someone.
Smile at them for no reason.
Tell a manager how great an employee was.

When you start a project or a venture, don’t think about the money you can make from it. Focus instead on giving the absolute most value you can to other people.

Selfless acts like this are extremely fulfilling. So GIVE more often. The more you do, the more it’ll help you focus on what matters most: the effort, the daily work, the opportunities that working hard opens up. You’ll see…you’ll reach larger goals than you ever imagined once you stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on the good you can do for others.

This week I challenge you to do something AWESOME for someone each day of the week. See how AMAZING it makes you feel! That, my loves…is one surefire way to let your inner badass out.


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