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Inner Badass Key #5

Today we’re talking about our 5th and FINAL Key to Unleashing that Inner Badass this year!

Before we jump in, let’s review the first 4.

1. Set BIG Goals, then SMASH THEM- break your huge, scary goals down into little bite size chunks! That’s how you smash them without the overwhelm!


2. Always Try New Things- Whatever it is that will set your SOUL on fire. That resolution that will actually change your thoughts, reverse your fears, and boost your confidence…that’s the one you focus on. Go out and try it with abandon! Without fear of failure, because after all- failure is just learning!


3. Do Good Without Expecting Anything in Return- seek to teach, seek to give, and seek to help and you will always feel the reward in ways you never would if you only focused on yourself.


4. Learn To Put Yourself First, Sometimes- carve out some YOU time, some peace. Meditation, prayer, workouts, whatever it is that is going to fill you up so that you have a supply to GIVE!


All of those together would boost you this year, and help you reach heights you never knew you could. But there is ONE MORE KEY that is of the utmost importance. One that, in fact, I don’t find the timing of delivering to be a coincidence. One we need more than ever. That final, all important KEY?



I want to be so CONSUMED with positivity this year that I even decided to block my Facebook stream on my personal profile. There’s simply too much negativity going around, it’s palpable! And that is something I choose not to surround myself with! Instead, I wish to cover myself in positivity. I used to get made fun of for being so “rainbows and butterflies and sparkles”, but I’d rather be that and be able to accomplish amazing things because of it than be surrounded by black clouds constantly.

I have GREAT dreams and GREAT ideas. I’ve got work to do…I have no time for negativity.



There’s no way around it, and I’m sure you know it. You must surround yourself with positivity if you want to accomplish YOUR great things. There can be no room in your life for negativity.

I realize more and more that our outlook on life and people, our attitude, what’s going on in our minds, what’s coming out of our mouths and what we allow into our worlds completely influences everything around us. That’s why I refuse to say bad things about other people, because negativity breeds more negativity, diluting the quality of my thoughts, and consequently consuming my life and diluting its quality as well. I surround myself with only positive, uplifting people and I look for the good, rather than the bad, in people and situations. And if there is no good to be found? I walk away.

Always remember how powerful it is to be positive. Pay attention to your thoughts. Watch the words you use, and notice how you say them. Stay focused on the positives, and allow that awesome attitude to bring you health, peace, joy and fulfillment.

There’s nothing standing in the way of the life you want to live, apart from yourself. Build great habits, create the life you want. It’s your decision and I KNOW with some positive “rainbows, butterflies and sparkles” in your own life, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH AMAZING THINGS TOO.

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