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How To Lose Weight And Get Healthy: Once And For All!

So, you’re ready to get off the back burner and learn how to lose weight and get healthy, right?


Your health is one of the most important things for your family! They need you around, they need you to be able to keep up with them…AND they need you to show them the awesome example of a healthy life.

So the decision to take yourself right off that back burner and make sure you keep yourself healthy is not only an extremely unselfish one, it’s what you AND your family needs!!

I know it can be daunting at first, seeing all these sites and advertisements saying this magic pill and that secret formula is THE ANSWER to being healthy and losing weight.

But don’t worry.

It truly can be broken down into 5 simple steps that you repeat daily in order to watch your life transform, your energy increase, your waistline shrink, and your happiness and confidence glow! No need to get complicated or try a quick fix that never works.

These 5 simple steps will get you seeing the results you’ve been wishing for!







Eating healthier shouldn’t be something you stress about. There’s actually some very simple things you can do to be successful at this!

Add more plants into your life, and WAY less processed, boxed foods.

How do you do that? Well, stick to the outer rim of the grocery store is one great way. And then allow yourself one small treat at night, and one cheat meal a week.

This method has been tried and true to not only help my clients lose weight, but also to not crave junk! Try it! I promise you’ll love it.

Consistently eating 80% healthy and 20% not so healthy will help you get the rockin’ body you want.

And if you need recipes of healthy things to make for your family, no problem. I’ve got a TON you can choose from.


2Get some rest. For when you wake, you will move mountains!

Sleep is totally underrated. Our bodies need it to recuperate, rebuild, and recharge. And no, your 5 hours of sleep after a crazy rushed day is NOT ENOUGH.

If your lifestyle has you running ragged, take a step back, de-stress, and rest. Nap, go to bed early, wake up late on the weekends. You won’t believe how much easier it is to heal yourself, how many less colds you’ll catch, and how much better you’ll feel! Sleep, princess, sleep!

Another point to make here is REST DAYS! 

You don’t have to feel the need to workout 7 days a week! No one needs the adrenal fatigue, the muscle injury, the mental defeat that comes with overtraining.

Be sure to workout, move that body to healthy…and REST. I typically workout 3-5 times a week and I ALWAYS take 2 days of rest in which I may stretch or do gentle yoga in order to soothe my sore muscles.



Water yourself like you’re a plant!

Oh, I know you’ve heard this before. So why aren’t you already doing it??

Our bodies are made up of water (just like plants) and we need it to thrive and stay healthy.

It does wonders for your skin, your digestion, AND your energy.

So for the love of all things mermaid….put down that soda and immerse yourself in some water! (I recommend a gallon a day if you are working out!)


4Move your beautiful, rockin’ body!

Pick a workout or a way to move your body that you’ll LOVE.

Is it yoga? Is it Zumba? Lifting weights? Is it jogging in the park with your kiddos?

Whatever it is, go out and find the workout that feels fun and that’s the one you will stick to.

You can mix it up, combine a few cool ones, but whatever you do…MOVE THAT BODY.

You want it to be a rockin’ body? You gotta move it.

Need a place to start? Here, check out my 4 part At Home Workout Strength Series specifically for Beginners. You’ll love the simple workout, and your body will love the sweat!


5Surround yourself with people like you!

Your mindset is the biggest part of creating new, healthy habits. It’s gotta start from the inside and the best way to feel that motivation, to get excited about this new healthy life you’re going to live, is to be around people with the same goals as you.


Join our AMAZING Online Healthy Community, the Kickstart Crew, where women with the same goals as you post and chat every single day. Also, you’ll receive the Kickstart 10 Guide, a 10 Day jump start of clean recipes, healthy tips, and simple workouts to get you started on the right track!

Check out the FREE FB GROUP HERE! <<


If you join a local gym or YMCA make sure you meet some familiar, like-minded people. Ask some of your FB friends to do this with you, or get a workout partner that will stick to it and help you stick to it as well. Nothing is better than having someone to rejoice the wins with, and help you figure out how to pick up after the rough spots.



So there you have it, Love Bug!!

This isn’t a decision that’s EASY, no. You realize you have to work to get this to work. 

But I know you can do it, YOU know you can do it.

All that’s left is putting these 5 simple principles to work, one day at a time.


Here at Love Bug Fitness, you’ve got ALL the resources you need from

Healthy Recipes

to Quick Workouts

to help with Motivation

and even taking it one step further to Natural Health and Wellness.


Browse around, soak up the info, and WELCOME to the Love Bug Fitness Community!! We’re SO happy for you and your new found love of all things healthy.





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