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Losing Weight Has NOTHING To Do With Motivation!


SERIOUSLY, losing weight really DOES NOT have to do with motivation. I know what it feels like to keep slipping up, eating bad after rocking it for a long time, only to find myself completely losing all my progress. It feels like crap! You think you don’t have the motivation it takes. You think you don’t have any self discipline. And those things are character flaws, right? So you might as well GIVE UP.




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To put it as simply as it truly is: losing weight, changing ourselves, getting stronger, eating better….is

NOT about ‘keeping’ this fleeting thing called motivation. So don’t beat yourself up. EVERYONE loses motivation. It is literally human nature. We get SO pumped! We are so excited to reach our goal and our drive to do so is at an ALL time high!!! Then something happens. A crap day at work. You and your hubbs got in a fight. There’s some party and you really do want to eat those chips and salsa. SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS, it’s called life. Don’t try to avoid the happenings!! It won’t work! Life will keep happening and you’ll just beat yourself up for allowing life to happen!! Instead take a completely different approach.


Losing weight and inches and eating better is honestly about creating NEW HABITS. It takes a few weeks for that habit to settle in and for it to feel like every day routine. So take each day, take these 6 actions to SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. This way, it’s NOT about the ‘feelings’ you have. It’s about simply DOING. No matter HOW YOU FEEL THAT DAY.




  1. Eating CLEAN FOOD– This is the BIGGEST KEY. Pay attention. Good, whole, fresh ingredients. No chemical CRAP, just stuff you can recognize the ingredients.

    (Oh, and by the way, scroll down to the end of this post and sign up for the free 14 Day Clean It Up Challenge.

    It’s a simple process and I explain it all throughout the entire 14 days. *muah, you’re welcome*)

  2. Clean Out Your ENTIRE House– yeah, not Spring Cleaning. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do laundry today. (ughhh) But you DO need to clean ALL the junk from your house. Out of sight, out of mind. Honestly if I have Strawberry Fig Newtons there in the house, I KNOW myself. I will eat the entire box. In one night. With wine (if I have that too). See the disaster I just created for myself? So it isn’t ever IN my house. If I really, really want something sweet, I have to work for it. I’ll go out and get it…and count it as my sweet cheat so I don’t feel guilty. πŸ™‚ (See Key #6)
  3. Keep Healthy Grab Snacks– there’s going to be times when you feel down. Or don’t feel like cooking. Or just feel like crap in general. So, make sure you have those grabbable snacks/dinners ready and waiting for those times. It’s all about accepting that our feelings change constantly. It’s all about not allowing our behavior to change because of those feelings. And guess what…when we DO the behavior that will lead to the results, we will then FEEL the feeling of “motivation” again because we’ll be proud of our damn selves!!!! (It’s true. Try it.)
  4. Plan Menu for the Week– Plan it out around YOUR schedule. Don’t try to copy some Suzy Homemaker’s schedule you read on some blog. It’s YOUR life and the truth is, if it doesn’t fit, you won’t keep it up. If you’re busy and you have to eat out 3 times a week, PLAN FOR THAT. Write that shiz down. Wednesday, Dinner With Boss…I’m going to eat a simple dish with chicken, a vegetable and a grain for the side. WIN. And because I love you bugs…the 14 Day Clean It Up Challenge includes recipes and weekly shopping lists to help you plan!
  5. Prep Your Food!– And the beauty of this, is if you really are applying the Clean Eating principles we go over in the 14 days, then it truly will NOT take all friggin day. Learn some good Meal Prepping/Planning Tips at this post HERE. The gist of it is, cook it all on say…Sunday. Load it all up in tupperware, together or portioned out for each meal if that helps you, and then when you’re on the go, it’s cool because you just grab your food and GO. Some AMAZING containers and meal prepping bags that are super stylish are over at I have 2, one that looks like a gym bag and one that looks like a purse!…I love them BOTH. I use them daily and it keeps me RIGHT on track.
  6. Allow Yourself ONE CHEAT A WEEK– Oh this has truthfully the BEST thing I ever did for myself. I look FORWARD to that cheat. I do it up RIGHT. I’m talking ooey gooey cheesy quesadillas or spicy hot wings, a large beer, and sometimes cheesecake after….PURE GLUTTONY. And I look forward to it every week. I EARN IT. Each day that goes by, I way, man. I’m not wasting my cheat on THAT! I want my cheat on Thursday! It keeps me focused, pumped to earn it. What’s hilarious is now that I’m eating SO clean, that one night of indulgence doesn’t make me BLOAT, doesn’t kill my progress! If anything, the next day in the gym I KILL IT! It’s like my body is rewarding me for rewarding myself! ha! Use that cheat as your REASON to stay on track. Plan that out! Mine is Thursdays. But you know what? I’m a responsible human. If I do take my cheat on Monday instead, welllll then my Thursday cheat doesn’t happen. That’s what I get. I take responsibility and I keep promises to myself. πŸ™‚ You can DO IT.


The same mentality can be applied to moving your body and getting your workouts in too! Here’s



  1. PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK– And be realistic here. Are you going to be able to fit in two? Three? Don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up for SUCCESS. Figure out what days are realistic with your schedule, how long of a workout you can get in…and if it’s reasonable to do the workouts at home, in the gym, or on your lunch. AND STICK TO IT. Set aside the time, mark it on your calendar, and do it.
  2. ACTIONS COME BEFORE FEELINGS– I say it all the time, and it’s very true. There will be days when you really do feel like doing a kick ass workout. But there will also be days when you don’t. It’s not about your FEELINGS. It’s about your goal. The reason why you’re doing this in the first place. Your WHY that you can’t get out of your brain. So once you’ve made the plan to workout, the sticking to it isn’t about “feeling motivated”. It’s about keeping a promise to yourself, just like with the clean eating. Doing the thing…even if you don’t “feel” like it. Trust me on this tip- start the workout. Tell yourself you’ll do 5 minutes. Then watch…your motivation will come and you’ll be into it! It happens every time. There has never been a moment when you’ve completed a workout and you’re like, “Oh man, I wish I hadn’t done that.” NOPE. Instead, you feel FABULOUS and you always, always tell yourself afterward, “I am SO glad I did that workout! I feel great!” Am I right?
  3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU– We are just like the 5 people we hang out with. If one of your goals is losing weight and getting healthier, then you need to surround yourself with people with the SAME goal! That’s why I created the ROCKIN’ BODY SOCIETY, so that not only would you have access to monthly workouts, a meal plan system that is FLEXIBLE and easy to do, but you’d also have a group surrounding you, supporting you and motivating you every step of the way! Be sure to check that group out so you can have those very important support systems!




Well, that’s truly it, love bugs. I am hoping you’ll stop beating yourself up now for not being “motivated enough”. You know now that you don’t NEED MOTIVATION to change your body. What you need is a plan of 8 things to DO no matter how you FEEL. And it all starts with Eating Clean and Working Out. Go ahead and join us in the Rockin’ Body SocietyΒ now so you can get started! Then apply the other 7 KEYS TO KICKING ASS to your week and you’re going to ROCK. I’m PUMPED to see your progress and to watch that confidence start to come right back. You’ve got to comment below on how you’re doing!!


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