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#LBSexySelf Challenge!

So tomorrow is DAY 1 in the LOVE YOUR SEXY SELF CHALLENGE!!!

I’m so pumped about this Challenge because it’s 10 Days…ANYONE can do 10 days! Here’s what we’re doing:

**10 days of workout moves

**10 days of eating clean

**10 days of tagging your workout/food pics #LBSexySelf!


There will be a Giveaway at the end for those that shared and tagged their photos, AND everyone that signs up will receive an amazingly delicious 3 Course Healthy Valentine’s Day Menu!! WOO!


If you haven’t signed up yet, GO HERE TO GET SIGNED UP<<
If you already joined us, you should have your Challenge Guide all downloaded and ready to roll.
Have you decided on your meals for the 10 days? Now would be a good time to plan those out! Let me know if you need any help!

Here’s the workouts.. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SHARE THIS IMAGE on your social media so you have it as a reference each day! Be sure to invite your friends to do the Challenge along with you, and hashtag your photos #LBSexySelf to be entered in the GIVEAWAY.

I’m excited to get started, I hope you are too! Step 1 to Loving Our Sexy Selves is ON!



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