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Low Impact Leg & Booty Home Workout

Today’s workout ROCKS. Especially for those of us with joint and mobility issues!!!

A lot of times when my ankle is killing me, I simply CANNOT do squats. I can’t jump. I definitely can’t run. Does that mean I need to NOT workout?


Of course not!


Well, since I’ve met so many women just like me with ankle, knee, or hip issues…I decided to create a Low Impact Leg & Booty Workout for y’all. Get that tight little booty WITHOUT hurting yourself!


Turn on some music and Enjoy!


50 seconds each move (also each side!) and 10 seconds rest between. One round is around 9 minutes, repeat as you like!

1. Lunge Drop- step into lunge and slowly drop your knee towards the floor. Repeat other side!
2. Hip Extensions- lay on your side, holding up with your elbow and raise your leg into the air to warmup your hip. Repeat other side!
3. One Leg Bridge- Place one foot over your knee as you lay on your back and squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips to the sky.
4. Supermans- Lying on your stomach, raise your arms in front of you, raise your legs and squeeze your glutes. Repeat.
5. Plank Drops- We’re in low plank on our elbows, slowly tap knees to the floor and using your thighs, raise the legs up again.
6. Hip Raise & Kick- We’re on all fours now. Raise one hip up and to the side, the kick out toward the wall. Repeat on other side also!
7. Glute Kickback- stay on all fours, then kick your leg back and up behind you. Repeat on other side!




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