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Success Story: Courtney M.

Today’s success story is an amazing one!

Courtney joined us in the ROCKIN’ BODY Society just a few short months ago. Her first step was to get with her doctor though, since it really seemed like she had some food allergies and other issues going on.

She was already on thyroid medication and now come to find out, it was causing problems. She also found out she was SEVERELY intolerant to malt and yogurt!

It was going to be a big change in lifestyle for her, but her health had become the top of her priority list.


All It Took Was AΒ Little Effort, One Day At A Time


I’m SO proud of Courtney because she embraced this shift toward a healthier lifestyle and went at the Love Bug Fitness Meal Plan System FULL FORCE.

And it has impacted her health more than she ever dreamed! Here’s what she says about the Meal Plan:

“In the past month I’ve lost 12lbs and 7.5″ overall. The meal plan has helped me because it’s super simple. It makes it easy for me to plan and to stay on track.”


I also like to call Courtney my gimpy ankle twin. 😜

We both had pretty severe ankle injuries which left our ankles nearly immobile and in pain during most workouts. Pins, screws, all the fun stuff.

She’s been able to take my modified moves in the workouts and really see huge progress and so much less painful workouts!

Talk about making the workouts FUN again!


“I love the Facebook page because the posts help keep me motivated. It helps to see other people are trying to do the same thing I am. Plus it’s nice to be able to brag or complain to people to understand. And I have you! Finally somebody who can help me figure out how to exercise with this damn ankle!”


I’m super proud of your fighting spirit Courtney, I feel like you can overcome ANYTHING!! You are so strong, and your journey has just begun. I can’t wait to see how much more success you have.



If you want a success story like Courtney’s and you’re ready to learn not only what you need to do to have weight loss success, but also HOW to do it, grab your spot inΒ the ROCKIN’ BODY Society. I can’t wait for you to be the next shout out!



Success Stories

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    May 9, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Good job. Kickin ass.

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