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The Power of Small, Healthy Choices

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about building healthy habits and gaining confidence in my own fitness journey as well as those of my clients, it’s to NOT look at the big picture, the big goal.





It’s easy to take a look at how far you have to go and then suddenly?


You feel discouraged.

You feel lik, I could NEVER do that.

It’s too much to ask.

It’ll take too long.

I don’t really have the confidence for that.

I always lose motivation.

I have too far too go…(cue body shaming as you look in the mirror. Ugh!)


See? How did reading all of that make you feel? You’ve been there before, haven’t you?


No, we aren’t going to look at the big picture.


Instead, we are going to build healthy habits and gain confidence and EMPOWER ourselves with small, focused successes!!

You won’t believe the power of small, healthy choices made each day toward a small, mini-goal that you’ve set for yourself each week.


The result is:

Positive Body Image

Consistent Motivation

Loads of Confidence

Fit Mindset


Yes, this really is how to build confidence in yourself and get those healthy habits locked in like they are second nature.

If you’ve been feeling like you always get stuck after a week or two with a new healthy routine…if you feel like you start out SO strong, but then life happens (we can’t stop life from happening) and you seem to get so derailed, you lose it. Or you beat yourself up for one small thing and that feeling just isn’t something you want to keep having.


The key is to focus in on the details.


We all know what helps change body composition and make us healthy. Right?

Just in case we need a review, here’s the prescription:


  1. FOOD IS FIRST- Healthy, whole, clean food is the first ingredient to lasting health and also changing your body composition. The system I follow so that I don’t feel deprived is to have one cheat meal a week. I earn it, I save up for it, I look forward to it and I plan it as part of my weekly meal plan. For my family, it’s Thursdays. So all the other days, I eat my clean, whole food that I’ve prepped and planned. And come Thursday evening, I enjoy my Blue Moon beer and hot wings! For more help on Meal Prepping, check out my Meal Prep 101 post.
  2. WORKOUTS THAT WORK- I’m not talking an hour and a half in the gym here, friends. No way. With my CF, that would NEVER fly, and I’d never be able to stay consistent with illnesses that crop up anyway. No, I’m talking simple workouts that you can do at home, 3 times a week. 30 minutes or less. For a great at home workout, check out my Home Workout Series, you’ll LOVE it!
  3. WATER- drink up that water. Attempt to eliminate sugary drinks from your life by cutting them out a little at a time. Even if that means flavoring your water, go for it. Cutting soda ALONE and doing nothing else has been known to help my clients lose up to 10lbs right off the bat!


So, which of those 3 things do you feel is your WEAKEST point? Just pick one, remember- SMALL goals each week.

The idea is to conquer one great habit at a time.


Do you find yourself struggling the most with eating healthy foods? What time of day is the biggest struggle for you?

For example, if office lunches are your biggest handicap, then this week’s small goal will be: plan out clean, whole foods you can bring to work each day for lunch and PREP THEM and put them in tupperware so that you can grab and go each day.

That’s it!

That’s your goal! Healthy, pre-prepared lunches each day of this week.




And don’t think of the other stuff. Just the one small goal.

Make sense?


If it’s workouts…make a goal to do 3 exercise moves each day when you get home from work. (That’s literally 7 minutes of your time!) My Kickstart 10 program actually gives you 10 of those 3 move workouts to choose from! You should definitely check it out if your mini-goal for the week is workouts!



So you’ve erased the BIG goal from your mind to steer your mindset away from overwhelm.

You’ve focused on ONE SMALL MINI-GOAL for the week that will launch you toward a healthier habit.

You FINALLY feel like this is doable! (YES!! It totally is!) The burst of confidence has you feeling GREAT!


There’s only one thing left to do!




On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Needs Improvement and 5 being I ROCKED THIS DAY, rate yourself! Each and every day.

It’s a no BS, but no shame assessment.


Take a look back at how well you accomplished your mini goal. 

Ask yourself, how did you do?


1- didn’t so hot, I need to improve tomorrow.

2- did pretty good, had a little success, but I can definitely do better tomorrow.

3- really rocked some, but I feel like I can do better than that.

4- did damn near perfect. Watch the heck out, tomorrow is gonna be a bullseye.

5- literally ROCKED this day and made it my beyatch. Tomorrow…I’m coming for you!


This is how you focus your efforts daily!




That’s because it is!! And I KNOW you can do it.


So review the top 3 things to change body composition and create healthy habits. Figure out if FOOD, WORKOUTS, or WATER is what you need to focus on, and tell yourself one mini-goal for the week that will help you focus in like a laser. Keep it small, and doable. TELL yourself you absolutely can do it. Tell yourself you WILL. This is the law of attraction at work here. Then each day, assess how the day went, and decide that the next day will be even better.


Simple, small habits EMPOWER us, build CONFIDENCE and over some time, help us see huge changes toward our big goals! (that we don’t see anymore, because we put blinders on and only focus on the small mini-weekly goals. 😜)

FOR A 10 DAY COURSE with 10 SIMPLE WORKOUTS AND 10 FREE CLEAN EATING RECIPES as well as Clean Eating Training and even more Meal Prep tips, SIGN UP FOR KICKSTART 10! You’ll love the jump start!


One last thing, to join a group of others that are focusing on one small habit a week just like you, and kickstarting their nutrition and fitness, JOIN MY FREE FB GROUP and meet your new fit fam 🙂 We’re so happy to have you!

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