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Ultimate Reset Review


So it’s finally here!! The END of my Ultimate Reset! 21 days went awfully slow and yet extremely fast at the same time. Here’s what the Ultimate Reset is all about: It’s a 21 day cleanse and detox program that also includes a meal plan designed to aid in cleansing your system from all the toxins that surround us in the environment, as well as those toxins we put into our own bodies. What did I think of it? Well.

Week 1:

First of all, let me just say that I never, ever imagined I’d have so many dang toxins in my body. Week 1 was really difficult, to say the least. I had a fierce caffeine addiction, sometimes drinking 2 triple ventis or even quad ventis a day. I also crashed and had to take at least 1 nap a day. Yes, sometimes I’d sneak 2. I also was laying down for upwards of 10 hours a day and, according to my BodyMedia Fit Core armband, was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I just couldn’t understand what was going on. Well, now I know.
Week one for me resulted in extreme fatigue. The two naps a day were frequent and yet I still felt so tired. My hips and by lower back ached and no amount of stretching would help it. My face broke out in a rash and then subsequently started getting dry and flaky. And I threw up in the middle of shooting a wedding. I really had some mega toxins being taken out of my body. But, that was what week 1 was for, so I’m glad I went through all of that. Was I glad at the time? Oh, no. I had some serious thoughts of quitting.
In week 1 you get started on the supplements for detox, including one disgusting supplement: Alkalanize. Oy. YUCK. But I suffered through it. This week I was able to eat a few animal proteins such as chicken, eggs, and salmon. But the rest was veggies and fruit and whole grain breads, tortillas, etc. Now I will say this week the food was surprisingly delicious.

Week 2:

This week it was as if a veil of horrible, terrible energy was lifted. I honestly started to feel alive. I began this week to have consistent energy. I think by Day 8 I didn’t even need a nap, which is a miracle for me. I also began sleeping very similar to a rock. πŸ™‚ This week they took away my animal proteins so that point was very difficult for me. Breakfast was a plate of fruit, lunch was a big huge salad I couldn’t even finish and dinner was stir fry veggies. Some soy was put in this week for additional protein. The good: I felt AMAZING. The bad: The food started to all taste the same because they had similar seasonings, something I’m lucky enough to have a passion for so I just changed up the seasonings to suit my taste. By the end of week 2, I honestly started to feel as though I could eat like this all the time. Like I could find better recipes for vegan eating and just go with it. Who knew how great you could feel without animal proteins all the time?? Not me, that’s for sure. (There was an especially disgusting supplement in this week called Detox that made the Alkalanize taste like candy it was so nasty. Let’s just say it tasted like drinking throw up. EK. Was that too descriptive? Sorry bout that)

Week 3:

I bought Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet: Vegetarian Cookbook and started cooking her vegan recipes. I started liking this vegan eating even more!! Sure, my friends would talk every day about the greasy, nasty food they were going to eat, which was difficult. Funny though, quite a bit of the stuff they were naming off didn’t sound good to me at all anymore. I also bought a Keurig and some decaf coffee so I could enjoy the taste without getting addicted to the caffeine again. I was completely preparing at this point to change my style of eating. My plan was/is to continue to only eat vegan/vegetarian for the majority of the week and incorporate a few animal proteins in that week. I started to see that to get enough protein and not clog your system full of toxins and chemicals and any antibiotics or hormones that animal meat has in it, you really can eat plant based food and have a complete nutrition.

So what is my overall review? I’m pretty much THRILLED with the results. I lost 8lbs. I also lost 3 inches in my waist. The best part for me though? The energy, the cutting of caffeine and naps. Feeling healthy again. THAT is what made this worth it for sure. Trust me, it is WORTH IT.

Here’s my before and after pics: Before on the LEFT, After on the RIGHT.
I’d say the side view tells the best story of the 8 pounds lost. And because I’m worried someone will say I’m a fake or something, believe me when I say how desperately I was sucking my stomach in on that first picture!! I had some serious bloat and upset stomach on a regular basis. What a world of difference it makes to not have that now.
Now I WILL eat clean and mostly vegetarian. I won’t rely only on animal proteins for my protein source. Now I WILL plan my meals in advance and only shop for what I need. (Talk about a money saver this last 3 weeks). And now I WILL stay off caffeine and any other addiction that intoxicates my body. Once you feel this way, once you realize that the things you are putting in your body make you feel as awful as you’ve gotten used to feeling…I promise you never go back.

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