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Your 2017 Soul Goal

I get it…New Year’s Resolutions are getting old. That whole, “oh I want to change in 2017” adage sprawled all across your Facebook is tiresome to see. Especially when you know the outcome. So you’re not going to make one. You’re just going to enjoy a new year, the turn of the calendar…and move on. It’s just another day. Right??


Well, I’m going to say screw that. I LOVE the New Year. I actually enjoy the little reminder from the calendar to look back at all I wanted to accomplish the year before and see if I did just that.
I love being able to look ahead and think of what I’d like to do in the upcoming year!


No one is saying you have to change your entire being. (Could you really, anyway?) But what is that one thing…that one little part that would make your SOUL happy?




This goal is less about a to do list and more about YOUR HEART.

What would make your heart happy? What would give you more confidence, make you feel fulfilled, or give you more peace?


The thing is, these personal development goals, once accomplished, then lead the way for those “resolutions” to be put into action.


You won’t be able to lose the weight you want until that place that you felt most challenged is uprooted and worked on.

You won’t be able to be consistent on that clean eating plan if you find the reason why it was so difficult for you to stick to it, and work on THAT.

You won’t be able to get your body healthy until you do what is necessary to get your mind there first.


Now, you’re going to have to be brutally self-reflective. I’m talking no pity parties. No pointing fingers. No casting blame on outside forces.

Think-really think to yourself about what’s been holding you back.


Was it your lack of feeling good about yourself?

Was it negative self-talk?

Was it feeling super stressed?

Was it feeling too unimportant to take time for yourself?


Really dig deep and find what the ROOT is. THAT, my Loves, is your SOUL GOAL.





Once you’ve done the deep digging and come up with the one thing you think will strengthen your soul, your heart…write it down on a piece of paper. There’s no rules here, you can write ANYTHING. Here’s mine as an example:

“This year I will shift my mind away from worrying too much what others think of me and I will follow my passions, no holds bar. I will step out of comfort zones, I will walk with determination, and I will only share my goal with those who will speak positively over it.”



It’s written, you’ve declared your goal…the one thing that could set your soul on fire this year…now post it up.

Write it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror.

Put it on a sticky note inside your car.

Leave it in little places to serve as a reminder.



Now figure out what things you can practice to make sure your Soul Goal is nurtured.

Is your goal to de-stress your soul? Vow to take a walk each day in nature. Or start to practice yoga for 15 minutes a few times a week.

Is it to make yourself a priority? Schedule yourself into your calendar. (yes, write yourself in). It may be a bath. It may be a coffee date with yourself. Take some ME time.


It’s amazing how when you nurture your soul, how when you take the time to dig this deep, to find the root of the challenges you faced the year before, suddenly everything you would’ve considered a resolution begins falling into place naturally. This is because you are strengthening your CHARACTER. You are lifting up your own SOUL.


So, get in there Love Bugs, and dig deep.


I’d love to hear what your Soul Goal for 2017 is….post it in the comments below!

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